Fitness tips for seniors

Fitness tips for seniors

Health and fitness for the seniors are really important today, as lifespanincrease around the world. Physical fitness is equally important for everyoneand this is very much vital to their well-being. With the growing age, stayingfit is more like a challenge. Everybody needs to pay more attention after 65years to take care of themselves. Thereare some easy tips that the aged people need to follow up some exercise andfood habits.  Regular work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle is more important for them tolive longer than and as well as a happierlife. Staying fit and fine does mean working out for long hours but just someconscious efforts can make the change. Get a 2019 plan  to save money for next year.


After retirement, you will surely get much time than your busy work life. So, there should be more time for them for exercise. You can section off a block of time, at least 20 minutes each day at morning and evening for a walk. If it is not possible for you to go for a regular walk, walk at least 5 times a week.  You can go out to the park for jogging or walking or can do it at home with your treadmill.  2o minutes of exercise can help you to stay fit and healthy for a long time.


Weight Lifting, the term can be daunting for the seniors. But you can lift as little as just 4 pounds of weight up and down even when you are watching television. It will keep your muscles and bone strength and reduces the chances of any type of injury.

Eating healthy

After the age of 65, this is really important to start up a healthy food habit. Choosing some healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, fish and lots of water will surely help you to stay healthy and happy. It will increase your metabolism. A healthy food habit means you will get more energy that you need to do your regular works and exercise. Going for work and bringing on some sweets or chips, is not the right thing. Specially, if you have a heart issue or diabetes, you should avoid such foods that can worsen your health condition. Consuming the oily fried foods, spicy foods, sweets are not good after 65 years old. Staying healthy after 65 is a balance of right food and exercise.


Another great exercise that can keep you healthy and happy, mentally or physically is surely Yoga practices. 20 minutes yoga every day is best for staying healthy and mentally happy for seniors.