Supplemental Medicare and out-of-pocket costs Pt 1

Supplemental Medicare and out-of-pocket costs Pt 1 Medicare Supplemental plans or Medigap can help cover certain exceptional costs associated with Original Medicare, Part A and B. With Original Medicare, you are still responsible for certain expenses such as deductibles, co payments and co insurance costs. In addition to cost sharing, some Medicare supplemental policies may […]

Advantage plan Medicare Plan M

Advantage plan Medicare Plan M For those who are not aware, Medicare advantage planal policies are formulated to fill the gap between the real bill and the original Medicare policy insurance, when it later arrives by mail. This gap exists because it was realized that the original Medicare policy did not pay for any medical […]

Fitness tips for seniors

Fitness tips for seniors Health and fitness for the seniors are really important today, as lifespanincrease around the world. Physical fitness is equally important for everyoneand this is very much vital to their well-being. With the growing age, stayingfit is more like a challenge. Everybody needs to pay more attention after 65years to take care […]